Spell disain is an Estonian-based smart textiles studio founded in 2016 by Kristi Kuusk. Kristi acquired her PhD in the Designing Quality in Interaction group and Wearable Senses theme in the Industrial Design department of the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands on February 18th, 2016. Her dissertation titled “Crafting sustainable smart textile services” brought together the smart textile examples with three different levels of integration of textiles and technology in the context of crafts and sustainability.

The unique skill set and know-how developed during the PhD Research through Design process contributes into collaborative projects. Together with small, medium and large textile and retail companies, we innovate their textile product lines. Have a look at some of our magic textile projects in our portfolio! Big things don’t happen without small steps, and therefore, we believe in continuous hands-on experimenting. With Spell ß we try-out some of the craziest smart textile ideas. And we don’t do it in the secret basement, but totally out and open in the real life setting. Our growing network of curious pioneers helps us to validate and develop the prototypes into valuable holistic ideas ready to be adopted  by the textile industry some day. Check what we are working on now (LINK)! We also believe that sharing is caring, and spread the e-textile knowledge, tools and enthusiasm as much as possible. Get amazed by our previous workshops (LINK) and stay tuned for the future activities through our newsletter (LINK)! We are also curious what the developing technology means for the traditional (old fashioned – how ironic!) textile and fashion industry. Keeping an eye on the latest inspiring initiatives, such as #Sharewear, #Fashionrevolution and alike, we work with a local garment production company day-in-day-out to understand how the industry is transforming.